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Member Testimonials

“I love Jesse’s oxymel and liver tincture. I’ve always been really attracted to herbs, and the amount of love and care that goes into Jesse’s products is fantastic! With our rich Montana ecosystem, why would I order herbals that come from god only knows where, probably oversees, when I can support our local Helena Apothecary. And I get to be a part of a whole network of wonderful people here in Helena that seriously value the health of their bodies, families, and larger community. Wild Willow is awesome! I’m in for the long haul.” (J.S.)

“The CSA is such a great asset to have in Helena! Jesse has done an amazing job fostering a sense of community, and promoting good health and well-being for my family.” (C.L.)

“I so admire what Jesse is doing with Wild Willow Wellness. All of the products are of a very high quality and created with thought and intention. I especially love the oxymel, which is delicious, refreshing, light, and herbally. When I’m feeling under the weather, the winter wellness tincture works wonders.” (C.W.)

“Our family had benefitted from the knowledge of information gained from Wild Willow Wellness and Jesse Peterson. We’ve enjoyed our winter and summer shares; some items were shared and enjoyed by families and friends. Our biggest benefit is the in-person/hands on nature that Jesse provides us. Thank you for your innovation and guidance.” (R.S.)

“I love Jesse’s medicine. It works! Last winter, her Elderberry Syrup tasted great and would erase my sore throats with 2-3 delicious doses. Her sleep aids lengthen my deep sleep. The salves sooth my skin. I love having an herbalist as my friend and healer.” (A.W.)

“I’m so happy to be part of the Wild Willow Wellness apothecary. Last winter everyone around me was getting sick with colds, but I managed to escape with mild symptoms. Thanks to Jesse’s herbal remedies. My favorite is the Elderberry Syrup. It tastes so good that I look forward to drinking it! I also am happy to support local business that promotes community.” (E.R.)

“The Spring in Your Step Tea Blend has been our go to tea this past season and has carried over into delightful iced teas this summer. It is well balanced and makes the perfect sun tea. It’s the only tea we want to drink. (C & S.T.)

“The sleep elixir cut through my anxiety and helped me get to sleep quickly and wake feeling rested.” (A.C)

“Jesse combines a deep knowledge of and love of plants with responsiveness to our community’s needs to create tinctures, elixirs, and teas that nourish & support us. I’m very grateful not only for the wonderful products she creates, but also the community she creates.” (L.K.)

“I feel the instant effect of my morning herbal regiment from Wild Willow. I love it! Preventative health care! (E.C)

“I love the Spring Oxymel, it tastes so good and gives me energy throughout the day.” (S.B.)

“Taking the liver function tincture has made me feel revitalized.” (S.B)



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